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Flesherton Family Practice Clinic

Photos courtesy of Eric Lundsted

Dr. Brian Power

Dr. Brian Power has lived and worked here since 1980. Being able to practice the full scope of rural medicine is one of the things that attracted him in the first place to the Markdale/Flesherton area. The people and the countryside have made it very easy to stay.  

Dr. Harvey Winfield

Dr. Harvey Winfield first came to the area in 1991 to do a locum for one of the physicians here. The experience was so rewarding that he decided to stay and join the medical community. Over the years, he has enjoyed a wide variety of medical practice: in-patient care, family practice, emergency medicine, surgical assisting, obstetrics and nursing home care. Dr. Winfield says “There is no greater opportunity for practicing comprehensive rural medicine than settling in a small community like ours”.

Donna Welch

Donna Welch, RN brought her nursing skills and experience from working with a Public Health Unit to the Clinic in 2002; her skills are valued by both the patients and the team of doctors. Donna and her son live in Markdale. She feels this area “has everything – friendly people, community spirit, natural beauty and all the services we need”.

Tammi Davis

Tammi Davis is a Medical Secretary and Billing Clerk, and has worked at the Flesherton Clinic since 2003. This Clinic is the friendliest place she has ever worked. She appreciates her caring team of co-workers and the opportunity to help family, friends, acquaintances and those new to the community through her work. Tammi resides in Owen Sound with her husband and their five children. 

Joan Keeling

Joan Keeling is an experienced and very effective Office Manager at the Flesherton Clinic. She appreciates the friendliness and trust that their patients share with the Clinic team. Joan has three adult children; she and her husband live in Markdale. 

Dundalk Medical Clinic

Dr. Ahmad Tukmachi opened his family practice in Dundalk in Fall 2010, and also provides in-patient and ER services at Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale. He appreciates the variety of health care opportunities that arise in a rural community. He also enjoys time on his boat on Georgian Bay.

Dundalk Old Firehall Clinic

Photos courtesy of Eric Lundsted

Dr. Keith Dyke

Dr. Keith Dyke is the consulting physician for NP Lynn Hodge along with his family practice in Southampton and ER work at the Southampton Hospital, which is one of the rural hospitals of Grey Bruce Health Services. Dr. Dyke supports the community by providing medical services 2 days per week at Bruce Power.

Lynn Hodge

Lynn Hodge, NP followed up 30 yeas of nursing experience by completing a Master of Science and Family Nurse Practitioner program in Buffalo, New York, and the Ontario RN (EC) exams. In 2003 she came to Dundalk to provide primary care, and now has the privilege of providing primary care to 750 patients. Her focus is health prevention, health promotion, disease and injury prevention, cure, rehabilitation and support.

Jennifer Hiltz

Jennifer Hiltz is a Medical Secretary who has worked with Lynn Hodge’s team since 2004. She enjoys helping their patients to become healthier people and to advocate for their own health.

Markdale Community Health Clinic

Photos courtesy of Eric Lundsted

Dr. Fred Kaethler

Dr. Fred Kaethler is the consulting physician for the Nurse Practitioners at the Markdale Clinic. His primary work is in the ER and looking after any Clinic and ER patients who are hospitalized. Dr. Kaethler says that some of the best motorcycling roads in Canada are in Grey County. (Ask him for specific road numbers.) He enjoys living in the country where the noisiest thing he hears is the birds fighting at the feeder in his yard.

Dr. Linda Morel

Dr. Linda Morel brought more than 30 years of family practice experience to the Clinic on a part-time basis in March 2009 to help the community deal with the many orphan patients. Dr. Morel says “I love Markdale; I love the patients; I love the team approach in the Community Clinic. There is no better place to do family practice than in a rural community”.

Penny Pedlar

Penny Pedlar, NP was a nurse for 34 years before going to university and completing the Nurse Practitioner program. The dynamic team of nurse practitioners, a registered nurse, administrative staff and part-time family physicians works really well together. Penny and her husband raised their family in this community because of the wonderful opportunities for both recreation and work.

April McAllister

April McAllister, NP moved from Toronto in 2005 and emphasizes the efficient access to diagnostic and consultative services here compared with Toronto. April appreciates that she can have a healthy work/life balance here. She enjoys skiing, biking and other outdoor activities very close to home. The multi-disciplinary team approach creates a supportive environment for the Nurse Practitioners.

Esther Epp-Kaethler

Esther Epp-Kaethler, RN assists Dr. Kaethler at the Clinic on a part-time basis. Away from the Clinic, Esther provides manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy. She enjoys the great camaraderie amongst the staff and really appreciates learning from the stories of the people of our area who provide our food and services.

Mary Weber

Mary Weber is a welcoming Receptionist who has helped callers and visitors to the Clinic since it opened in 2003. Mary appreciates the busy pace of this modern facility and the up-to-date computer system. She thinks this area is a really great place to live and raise a family.

Betty Ann Pringle

Betty Ann Pringle, Reception & Accounts, calls Markdale her home town. She likes that “everything is here” and it is still close to the city if she wishes to go there. “There’s hiking, skiing, all the amenities; it’s a great place to connect with nature. We have it all.”, says Betty Ann.

ER Locums at Centre Grey Hospital, Markdale

Photos courtesy of Dr. Fred Kaethler

Dr. Francis Bobik-Orchard

Dr. Francis Bobik-Orchard has enjoyed her time at the Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale so much that she wonders why it took her so long to leave academic anesthesia in downtown Toronto in 2004. While she practiced at Women’s College Hospital, she was a professor at the University of Toronto. It impresses her that everyone here is interested in getting the job done in the best way. Dr. Orchard says ‘I’m absolutely thrilled about the depth of knowledge and current practices of my colleagues. I could not ask for a better team of GPs to work with’. Although she was always ‘a downtown Toronto gal’, she is surprised and pleased how she enjoys meeting her patients in the grocery store. ‘This is a very caring community, a community with feeling’, she added.

Dr. Paul Wilson

Dr. Paul Wilson appreciates the gratefulness of the patients he sees in the ER and he especially enjoys treating the Mennonites and the farmers. “The helpful attitude and sense of appreciation from the staff, nurses and clerks make it easy to keep returning to work here”.

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Markdale Clinic Staff

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